Electrical engineering and integration of new machine at Volvo

Thanks to an automation partner of Volvo, it was up to us in the car manufacturer’s factory. Our assignment: to integrate a new EMS line. We took up the entire electrical automation: electrical engineering, PLC programming and installation works.


Volvo invested in a custom-built Electric Monorail System installation (EMS).

This installation transports partially assembled vehicles from one production line to the next. A lifting system lifts the vehicle onto a rail, where after 100 metres and a couple of turns a second lift lowers it.

Their automation partner requested us to perform the electrical engineering and integration of this installation.

Our approach

Step one: the electrical engineering. We’re converting the mechanical transport to a completely electric automation installation:

  • Physical and electrical layout,
  • Wiring diagrams,
  • and (PLC) control.

Based on those designs, we assembled the electrical panels:

  • Main electrical panels,
  • Terminal boards,
  • RIO-boards,
  • Operating panels.

Which we installed on site in the next stage.

To then label and number the field instruments and motors and to hook everything up to the PLC control. Here, we used the Profinet islands. We programmed the PLC and provided the operating panels with visualisations.

During the final stage, we performed the I/O-checks and commissioned the EMS installation, in collaboration with the team at Volvo.


A successful on-site integration.

The engineers at Volvo could count on us for the entire electrical integration. This means they had one direct contact point for the entire trajectory.

Their automation partner was able to rely on us for this important fitment and rest assured that everything goes according to plan.

Our + summarised for this electrical engineering and integration

  • Electrical project management and site management.
  • Detailed planning of the implementation of the works.
  • Selection of suitable subcontractors.
  • Coalition of these subcontractors.
  • Communication/coordination with the integrator and the end client.
  • Fast and flexible solutions during planning and concept changes.

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